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Carpet Cleaning Service LondonOur professional cleaning company in London – Domestic Cleaners Ltd offers an exclusive service with total consumer fulfilment. Our aim is provide our clients with a healthy working and living environment!

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  • Our steam cleaners are well trained workers who can do domestic and commercial carpet cleaning.
  • Most of us are aware that cleaning the carpet is important to maintain the life of the carpet and in order to enjoy its beauty for a long time. However, we are not sure about the number of times we have to clean our carpets and for how long.

Expert Carpet Cleaners London

  • Our rug cleaners are professionally trained, using industry standard steam cleaning machinery for quality results.
  • Our specialists only use eco-friendly cleaning materials.
  • Domestic Cleaners Ltd is a totally insured cleaning organisation and only uses high quality machines and chemicals.
  • Our cleaning company offers reasonable cleaning rates. There are no hidden costs. We charge per square meter.
  • Our carpet cleaning products consist of stain-shielding, anti-static cleaning remedies and deodorizers!.
  • We can clean stains from your carpet! Call our Carpet Cleaning Service London.

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TIP: The frequency for cleaning your carpets depends on a number of different factors. Some useful cleaning tips that will help you in deciding how often you carpet should be cleaned are given below.

One year
If the carpet has no traffic, the longest that anyone can go without cleaning it is one year. Even if nobody walks over the carpet, it is still subject to dust and other environmental pollutants that settle on it. The carpet in your house should be cleaned at least once a year if you have only one or two people living in your home with no pets and are a non-smoker.

Nine months
If you have a household of more than one member and children or pets, you should clean your carpet at least once every nine months.

Six months
If you have kids, pets and smokers in your home, you must clean the carpet once every six months. Any combination of these can make the cleaning necessary twice in a year.

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