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5 important daily cleaning chores
5 important daily cleaning chores
April 12, 2017
5 ways to save money on hiring cleaning services
5 ways to save money on hiring cleaning services
June 20, 2017
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Is hiring a cleaning company worth it?

Is hiring a cleaning company worth it?

It is likely true that you spend quite a lot of time at home doing cleaning chores and contemplating whether or not hiring a cleaning company is worth it. Someone’s got to clean the home after all, lest it becomes a complete mess. If you would like to ditch the duster and free some time on your schedule, you may as well hire cleaners to do part of the bothersome tasks.

A lot of people believe that all cleaning chores should be done by none other but the homeowner. This is like an unwritten rule that some follow, while others cringe at. The obvious solution is to acquire the services of a cleaning agency. But before you call them, you must think about a few things:

  • Evaluate the cost – the rates that different cleaners charge vary from one company to another. There are various factors that determine the price: services required, duration of the visit by the cleaner, congestion and parking fee, etc. Always ask for a detailed estimate on all the services you need. That way you will know how much exactly it is going to cost to have your home cleaned by professionals.


  • What is your time worth – you really need to think about what an hour of time is actually worth. What you need to do is consider whether that hour you would normally spend cleaning can go into some more pleasurable activities and whether the price of a cleaner for that hour works for you. When thinking about this, know that a cleaner can clean way faster than you and do more work.

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  • Consult with friends – personal recommendation works best when considering a cleaner for your home. Ask for feedback from any friends or relatives who have used such services in the past. How was the quality of the cleaning? Was the price ok for them? Did they find a lot of spare time for themselves? It will greatly help you determine whether a cleaning service is worth it. Besides, by asking around, you will get some recommendations for good cleaning companies.


  • Keep in mind there are independent and corporate cleaners. It goes without saying that large companies charge more per hour than independent cleaners. However, there is insurance provided, meaning that if something is broken or goes missing from your home, they will cover the expense. All reliable companies vet their cleaners so that is one thing to keep in mind. You will be paying less to independent cleaners, but that may not be worth it, if you don’t know them well.


  • Be very specific about your chores – formulate a list of house cleaning chores that you would like to see done. That way you can decide whether the money paid for it is worth, or you can just deal with the tasks on your own. Doing some part of the cleaning can keep your costs down. A viable strategy is to consider the daily upkeep you can deal with in order to keep the cost of cleaning down.

Checklist for more effective cleaning

Once you have done all that, you may easily deduct if hiring cleaners is worth your money. Typically, the answer will be yes.

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