4 steps to cleaning out your basement
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4 steps to cleaning out your basement

4 Steps To Cleaning Out Your Basement

Chances are, your basement is the most neglected premise at home. From kitchen appliances barely used to your kid’s baby toys, the basement can quickly become a storage space for the stuff you never take advantage of. And before you know it, clutter has invaded the space. Are you sick and tired of not being able to make the most of your basement?

Steps on How to make your Basement Sparkly Clean

Revise everything Basement Decluttering

Yes, from step one purging your basement is a time-consuming process. Before doing anything else, you need to carefully go through your belongings and decide on each item’s faith. You can make four categories – things to toss, things to donate, items you can sell and your favourite one – items to keep. When it comes to the first three categories, tough decisions have to be made. You will find it challenging to part ways with many of your belongings, but try to think about all the usable space you will gain as soon as the big cleanup is over. And if it has been many years since the last time you took advantage of an item, don’t keep it – the reality is you will never use it again. To simplify the inventory process, get coloured post-it notes matching each category and label your stuff. Don’t rush into physically dividing things into piles, since you will do this later.

Clean the trash 

With your property divided into categories, it’s time for you to get rid of the trash. Broken furniture pieces and all sorts of knick-knacks probably got the “toss” label, so you have no reason to keep them in the basement anymore. Throwing things away means fewer items to address, that’s why you should deal with the job now. In fact, if your basement is really big and you have rented a dumpster, you can toss unwanted stuff while the revision lasts. If not, just get the trash out of the basement after the revision. With this task completed, you can go back to the rest of your belongings and finalise your decision for the stuff you’ve been hesitating about. What to keep and what to sell or donate is your call, so in case you reconsider the faith of an item, simply change its label and move on.

Manage what’s left Organising The Basement

Once trash has been tossed, you will end up with much more free room to work with. This way it will be easier for you to separate the rest of your belongings, being guided by their labels. Depending on how cluttered your basement is, you should put the three piles of stuff somewhere safe and as far away from each other as possible. This might seem like an easy job to handle, but like any other physical task, it could be exhausting. So take breaks to shake off tension and fatigue and don’t overwork yourself. Or even better – ask a friend or a relative for help. Thoroughly purging the basement is a demanding undertaking and having some physical and emotional support is always a good idea.

Empty the basement 

Making the piles is the toughest task, but you are not ready yet. You need to remove everything from the basement before you call it a day, including things to keep. Those should be relocated to another premise at home or a storage unit. Do your best to drive “donation” stuff to the nearest donation centre the same day, otherwise, you risk never completing the project. The same is valid for things for sale – move them to another room at home or the storage centre and try to sell them as soon as possible. Arranging a yard sale or uploading these items to online marketplaces are some of the options you have to sell your stuff in no time.

With your basement perfectly cleared out, you can obtain lots of useful space. Over time you might have to purge the space all over again, so remember these steps for a well-arranged basement.

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