5 spring cleaning tips you want to employ in 2021
Boost your cleaning motivation with these 6 strategies
May 11, 2021
Easy Home Cleaning Tips
Easy Home Cleaning Tips
February 3, 2022
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5 spring cleaning tips you want to employ in 2021

5 Spring Cleaning Tips You Want To Employ In 2021

In 2021 the subject of COVID-19 continues to be in the spotlight and it doesn’t seem to go away any time soon. But if this disease has taught us something, it is that hygiene is crucial and keeping our homes squeaky clean can protect our health.

Ideal Spring Cleaning Tips

Now that spring is finally here, you should no doubt address spring cleaning more seriously than ever. Read on to find out the most efficient spring cleaning tips that will help you to enjoy a safe home environment in 2021:

Spring Cleaning

Rely on a plan 

Having a thorough plan about your course of actions makes any undertaking easier, including spring cleaning. For that reason you should decide on the tasks you need to deal with before you start with the real job. Whether you will take a sheet of paper and write everything down or using an app seems more convenient, make sure that you count on a clear-cut idea about spring cleaning, so that you can disinfect your home faster.

Banish clutter 

Clutter causes a lot of trouble when it comes to keeping your home clean. Making your place look poorly arranged is not the only problem clutter leads to – it has a negative impact on your mind too. When your space is cluttered, stress levels increase, which is why you should put decluttering in your list with spring cleaning tasks. Furthermore, clutter-makers accumulate a great amount of dust, which is not the healthy way to live. While decluttering, revise your belongings and get rid of things you never use. Inspect your wardrobe for useless clothes and donate them. Expired food products, as well as cosmetics should be thrown away, otherwise clutter wouldn’t be banished.

Embrace green cleaning 

In 2021 our health has been fully prioritised, so employing all sorts of harmful cleaning approaches should stay in the past. Set your home free from chemicals by adopting green cleaning hacks that are just as effective as their harsh alternatives. Instead of counting on store-bought detergents, opt for DIY cleaning mixtures you can make with natural ingredients. Baking soda, white distilled vinegar, as well as essential oils are some of the most powerful ingredients you can sanitise your home with. Using a steam cleaner to disinfect the hardwood floor or kitchen appliances is another eco-friendly technique to utilise while spring cleaning.

Green Cleaning

Learn the fastest approach 

Spring cleaning is a time-taking assignment, which is why you want to save as much time as possible. In order to do that, you should always work from top to the bottom. When it’s time for you to tackle dust, start with the highest area and finish the procedure with the lowest spot. This means light fixtures and ceiling fans should be addressed first and the floors are your last surface to clean. Using this approach will prevent dust and dirt from settling on surfaces you’ve already wiped, thus saving you time on re-cleaning affected spots.

Wash the windows 

Surely washing the windows when it’s cold outside is no-go, so deal with the chore once spring arrives. To avoid using store-bought window cleaning solutions, make your own eco-friendly cleanser with equal amounts of white vinegar and water, plus a little rubbing alcohol added to it. Mix the ingredients in a spraying bottle to simplify the application of the cleaning agent. Before you spray the mixture on the windows, don’t forget to eliminate dust from the windows, as well as window frames and baseboards. As a final step of this cleaning method, take a microfiber cloth and wipe the windows clean. Your efficient eco-friendly mixture should have cut through stains, leaving the glass surfaces sparkly clean.

Spring cleaning has always been an important aspect of maintaining your place neat and well-arranged, but in 2021 its role has become even more significant. Use these spring cleaning tips to clean your home ideally, thus banish dangerous germs and bacteria from your space.

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