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5 ways to make your home much easier to clean
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5 ways to make your home much easier to clean

5 ways to make your home much easier to clean

Imagine you could make your home almost self-cleaning. Wouldn’t that be great? Well, it is hardly possible to see this happen, though it is possible to reduce the cleaning strain you are currently feeling.

If not cleaning itself, your home can at least stay tidy for longer, all thanks to these tips:

  • Place a doormat – one of the best ways of prevention against dirt and dust is to keep it from entering your home in the first place. Placing a good doormat is an excellent way to do this. A welcome mat is not only a lovely addition to your door area but also a way for people to wipe their feet off and keep dust outside. You can give it a good shake every now and then to keep it from amassing too much dust particles and other debris. As a side note, you should also have everyone that comes in leave their shoes at the door so that they don’t track in dirt and dust.
  • Use HEPA air filters – it goes without saying that your HVAC system plays a key role in cleansing the very air you breathe in your home. However, if you are using a cheap, disposable filter, there is really not much benefit to be gained. What you need is a HEPA-grade filter that can eliminate pet dander, smoke particles and many other pollutants. You should change the filter regularly for best results, or buy a filter that you can wash.
  • Limit eating to the kitchen – it can be challenging to reduce the mess of eating if you don’t contain this activity to the kitchen. Whatever it is that you like to snack with, be sure to keep it in the kitchen. That way you will minimise the danger of stains and crumbs ending up on the carpet, upholstered furniture or your bed even. You can only make a few exceptions, such as for example popcorn on movie nights every now and then.
  • Try dust-catching slippers – if you have a lot of area in your home covered in hard floors, you know that you have to vacuum and dust regularly. What you can also do to make this easier is try microfibre dusting slippers. Not only will they keep your feet warm and comfortable, but also help you clean the floor area and keep it dust-free without you having to invest much effort in that.
  • Groom your pet outside – pet hair is one of the biggest problems you will need to deal with as a pet owner. Brushing your pet’s hair is essential for keeping it off the upholstery, carpet and even your clothes. But you need to brush your pet outside, to minimise the hair that ends up in your home.

Cleaning with ease will always be the way to go. Hopefully, you will implement some of these tips as they can positively contribute in that regard.

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