7 cleaning rules you should live by
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7 cleaning rules you should live by

7 Cleaning Rules You Should Live By

Maybe you have encountered numerous tips on how to clean different areas of your home, how to address clutter and overall maintain cleanliness around your place. Many of these rules are rather broad, while some of them are too specific. It goes without saying that noting down a number of the more important rules to live by is a good idea. An excellent example of such a list follows below: 

Invest 10 minutes to clean in your home every single dayRegular Cleaning Tips

Cleaning every single day may seem like an impossible concept for some, though it is a viable strategy for keeping the place in good condition. Of course, spending a lot of time in regular cleaning is hardly possible, so try to do just 10 minutes. Whether it is cleaning or decluttering, you can bet it is going to make a massive difference in the long run. 

Everything should have a place

If there is one thing to prevent clutter from becoming a problem, it has to be keeping things in their rightful place. If you have nowhere to put something in particular, chances are you are probably better off without it. 

Always make your bed in the morning

You may not think much of this simple act, but it is a well-known fact that making your bed plays a positive role in your motivation for the day. Getting that small task done first thing when you get out of bed is an excellent way to give yourself a jolt of energy. Besides, you spare yourself the stress of coming back to the bedroom and encountering a mess. 

Kitchen Cleaning AdviceAlways a good idea to have a way station

Having a way station for all those items you no longer need around your home is important. You can put every single item you no longer need there and go back to review at a later time. If you find out that you no longer need the said item, it is time to consider selling or donating it. 

Clean your kitchen after every meal

The kitchen is, without a doubt, one of the most critical areas of your home. That is where you cook and prepare your food, and the area must be clean at all times. It is a good idea to clean as much as possible after a meal so that you can remove any mess. Not only will this keep the place in great shape, but also deal with the unwanted messes. We’ve outlined a few useful tips on how to clean different types of kitchen cabinets in another blog.

Learn to live with less

Adopting a minimalist lifestyle is a popular trend in recent years. Its foundations lie with the idea of reducing your belongings down to a required minimum. This is a good way to ensure there is less clutter lying around and thus, less landfill material. 

Everyone should do their fair share

When it comes to cleaning, you should establish it as a family effort. There is no point in carrying all the weight of the activity on your shoulders when you can easily have more hands-on deck. You can even clean with your children, as long as you keep the chores you address with them age-appropriate. Everyone who lives in the house has a responsibility for keeping it clean, especially when it comes to cleaning their part of the place. So gather up your family and do the talk. 

There is little doubt that all of these rules are going to make life in your home a little bit cleaner and more organised, as long as you enforce. 

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