An autumn cleaning chore checklist
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An autumn cleaning chore checklist

Autumn Cleaning Checklist

Autumn is here in all its glory. Leaves are falling, the temperature is no longer warm and pleasant, and you find your thoughts wandering off to late year festivities. Apart from that, you really should revise your cleaning checklist and add some new home cleaning tasks.

Autumn is the time when you need to focus on cleaning the most. That will prepare the place for the winter when you will be spending more time indoors, and you will likely be having guests at home.

For this reason, you will do well to address these home cleaning tasks:

  • Tackle window areas – as sunny days become rarer, you must use this opportunity to clean your windows. You can use any glass cleaner or mix your own with a squirt of dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle full of water. If you have any blinds, you will need to clean them as well. Either use your vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or wipe them down with a wet microfibre cloth. If your blinds are too dirty and such simple method does not work, you should take them off. Submerge them in a few inches of cold water and add two tsp. dishwashing liquid. As for window coverings, you can actually machine wash them, if they are too dirty. Just check the manufacturer’s label first.
  • Dust the walls – in order to ensure fresh environment at home, you should dust the walls. Wood-panelled and painted walls should be dusted, washed and dried. If you have wallpaper, dusting alone works too. Work from top to bottom so that you can later clean any dust particles that fall on the floor. Do not forget to clean any wall-mounted fixtures, like light switches and smart panels.
  • Domestic Cleaning ChecklistFreshen the furniture – now is a good time to put the covers in the washing machine. And do not forget the pillows. As for the sofa and the seats, you should consider professional upholstery cleaning. Nothing can match the cleaning prowess of a specialised machine used by well-trained experts. Deep cleaning will remove the allergens within the fibres and fully sanitise the area. It is ideal for eliminating leftover pollen and other allergens from summer.
  • Clean the carpets – similar to upholstery; your carpets will do well with some refreshment. Steam cleaning them is a great way to provide just that. Again, you may need to consult with a cleaning company, as the gear for such method of cleaning is not readily available otherwise. Spot cleaning is also required, in case your carpet has acquired a few stains.
  • Deal with your fireplace – if your home has a fireplace, it must be properly cleaned and prepared for the winter. Small mammals and birds may have made the chimney home to their nests, so perhaps a professional inspection is in order. Stove flues are in need of some care too.

By addressing these chores, you can be sure that your home will be a better place in the autumn and the coming winter.

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