6 proven ways to motivate yourself to clean
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6 proven ways to motivate yourself to clean

Cleaning Motivation

Cleaning is hardly considered fun by anyone. It is just an annoying chore that takes time and effort and needs to be addressed on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it is something you need to look into if you don’t want your place to become a complete mess.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel, though. You are not alone in your struggle to find cleaning motivation. Many people have devoted time to figure out what works concerning motivating yourself to clean.

There are a few proven lifehacks in that regard, which you can implement in your daily activities:

  • Music – this simple magical word does wonders when it comes to cleaning. It is one thing that makes you dance and push yourself further during your workout. Turns out that playing music at home can also get you to clean the place more easily. Pick a dynamic and energetic playlist of about 20 minutes’ length and get cleaning. You will find that cleaning is much easier with music to distract you. It is not far fetched to say that you will likely keep the momentum long after the playlist has ended.
  • Set a timer – somewhat similar to cleaning to the beat of your favourite tunes, with one difference: you permit yourself to stop after the time is up. Set the timer for 20 minutes or any amount of time that seems manageable to you. Then, remain focused and invested in the task during that time and stop once it has run out.
  • Address a simple task every dayhouse cleaning is not going to work out if you try to devote an entire day to it. Assigning a single chore every day of the week is a more reasonable solution. Start Monday, and you will find that by Sunday you will have done enough to have plenty of time for lounging and doing what you love most.
  • Clean with your children – if you have young ones at home, it is best to make them part of the solution. Young children are quite energetic and eager to engage in different activities. Granted you don’t demand too much of them; they can become your most trusted cleaning allies. This presents the added benefit of teaching them valuable skills like time management.
  • Workaround your weaknesses – everybody’s got a weakness, and you need to know what yours is. Then, you can accommodate. If you know you cannot resist the urge to toss your clothes on the floor, place a chair where the pile of clothes would be. That way you will more easily address the task, if not entirely fix it.
  • Create a trigger – by using some trigger that spurs result; you can more successfully clean at home. For example, you can tell yourself to pick up around you whenever you pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea. It can easily become automatic behaviour or give you a cleaning impulse at the very least.

These are just a few of the cleaning tricks you can use for extra motivation. Implement any number of them to see just how effective they are.

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