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House Cleaning Tips – How to Make Your Own Air Freshener
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October 7, 2010
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House Cleaning Tips – How to Make Your Own Air Freshener

How to Make Your Own Air Freshener


Tired of buying expensive off the shelf air fresheners? Here are easy instructions on how you can create your own air freshener with natural ingredients you probably have lying around the house already.

Pour 400ml of water and 100ml of vodka or rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle then add 80 drops of any blend of essential oils into the mix.

Let the formula mature for a few days and spray lightly in a room.  Of course, which essential oils are used is entirely up to you.  Try experimenting to create that ultimate fragrance.

Of course you cannot rely on masking bad smells in the house; eventually you will have to do some home cleaning , otherwise the smells will simply return in a matter of hours.

There are so many house cleaning tips on the internet for those that prefer to do things for themselves.

If you do not have the time or energy to give your home a thorough domestic cleaning service, then you should consider hiring a cleaning company. With just a single phone call they will give you a free quote of their cleaning costs and arrange for a cleanerto come and make your home completely spotless.


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