5 tips to make your cleaning more enjoyable
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5 eco-friendly cleaning practices you should adopt today
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5 tips to make your cleaning more enjoyable

5 tips to make your cleaning more enjoyable

Do you feel like home cleaning is getting you down? Are you dreading the very thought of doing one more home cleaning chore the weekend instead of going out with friends or just reading your favourite book?

The main issue with cleaning is that your brain learns to hate it, thus rendering the whole activity rather troublesome. At the same time, there are certain ways to switch this around and make it fun. You may think that cleaning and fun don’t go well together, but that is not the case. These tips can help you make this transition:

  • Include music – it doesn’t matter what your taste in music is: pop, classical, metal, rock, etc. You surely have a favourite genre, which you can run in the background. This will greatly affect your cleaning routine in a wonderful way. Instead of boring, tiring and monotonous, it will turn into a rather fun and interesting activity. You surely know just how slow time passes when you clean. Well, with some pep in your step, introduced by music, you can be sure that it will seem a lot faster. Don’t be afraid to play your favourite tunes as you clean.
  • Turn it into a workout – cleaning, like any other physical activity, does burn calories. After all, you are on your feet, walking around, lifting clutter, carrying cleaning equipment from one room to another and overall doing some pretty good exercise. If you are worried that you might not get enough time to go to the gym, you can intensify the workout-aspect of your cleaning. Try to be even faster and move in a more energetic manner to improve the efficiency and up the fun of your cleaning sessions.
  • Bring the children onboard – engaging in such activities with your children is not only going to help the whole ‘I hate cleaning’ mentality, but it is also beneficial for them. Young ones easily get hyped up and they have never ending reserves of energy. They will not only join you in cleaning but make it fun. Of course, you can hardly use them for some complicated chores, but anything ordinary can be easily handled by them.
  • Implement a game element – everyone loves games. If you can add a game element to your cleaning routine, you can be sure it will not feel as demanding as before. Assign a cleaning task to yourself and try to do it in the shortest time possible. Compete with yourself the next time you need to do it again. That will keep you focused and ready to clean.
  • Prepare a reward – treat yourself a nice reward upon finishing a tough cleaning project. It could be a sweet treat or perhaps a cosmetic procedure. Why not go to the cinema or do a shopping spree upon finishing the huge spring cleaning project? There are many ways to reward yourself, and all of them will make cleaning fun.

As you can see, home cleaning doesn’t necessarily have to be a dreadful chore. By implementing the aforementioned tips, you can turn it into a fun and pleasurable activity.

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