Speed Clean Your Home by Using These Hacks
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7 Cleaning Tips to Implement This Summer
August 31, 2022
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Speed Clean Your Home by Using These Hacks

Speed Clean Your Home By Using These Hacks

The truth is, many people lack enough time to spend on cleaning. Chores keep piling up, your home looks messier by the day, and you have no idea where to start to restore order. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as a few speed cleaning hacks will help you take control over the chore list before you know it.

Speed Cleaning Hacks Will Help You Take Control Over the Chore List

Clear the Clutter

Clutter-free rooms not only look more spacious and well-organised, but they are also easier to keep clean. To waste less time cleaning, pick up the clutter daily to prevent stuff from piling up. Use an empty laundry basket or a laundry bin to store miscellaneous clutter-makers and deal with them later when it’s time to deep clean the house. In the meantime, those items can stay in the basket, allowing you to quickly wipe and arrange surfaces you would otherwise strive to keep spotless.

Manage the Cleaning Supplies Manage The Cleaning Supplies 

Cleaning the house from top to the bottom usually involves the application of various cleaning tools and supplies you need to switch between to refresh the rooms like a pro. If your cleaning arsenal has been scattered around the house, you may waste precious time looking for the necessary equipment. To avoid that, put essential cleaning supplies in a handy bucket before starting your chores. Bring the bucket with you while moving around the house. If you live in a big house with more than a single story, preparing a bucket with cleaning supplies for each story is a good idea.

Rely on the Vacuum

Regardless of the flooring solution you have installed, a powerful vacuum cleaner will allow you to maintain the floors squeaky clean and dust-free. A reliable vacuum is a real-time-saver since the machine removes debris much faster than a regular broom. In addition to ensuring spotless floors, your mighty vacuum can be utilised to remove dust from the upholstery, the mattress, the walls, the baseboards or drapes. To speed clean your place, purchase a decent vacuum cleaner and keep it in top shape by regularly replacing its filers and emptying the canister on time.

Banish Messes ImmediatelyBanish Messes Immediately

Any surface at home can be affected by nasty stains, and eliminating those takes up lots of time. To cut cleaning time in half, do your best to act on messes asap. The sooner you banish spills and stains, the faster they come off. Whenever a carpet or upholstery stain occurs, grab paper towels or a clean towel to blot the stain, then proceed with the proper treatment. Your favourite all-purpose cleaner, a scrubbing brush, some paper towels and a clean towel should always be at your disposal to treat messes without delay. It would be smart to stash basic cleaning supplies in every room to speed things up.

Wipe the Shower Walls

Once soap scum has built up in the shower, a great deal of scrubbing will be necessary to clean the shower space. However, preventing soap scum from appearing in the first place will save you from facing the challenge, which is why wiping the shower walls is a must. When you are done with your shower, wipe the glass door with a squeegee or dry the shower curtains with a towel. Keeping the shower area always dry also minimises the risk of mould and mildew invading the bathroom. If you take advantage of a bathtub, give it a quick wipe after every use to reduce scrubbing time.

Get your cleaning jobs all done easier and faster with these excellent speed cleaning shortcuts.

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