9 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks You Definitely Need To Try Out
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9 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks You Definitely Need To Try Out

9 Kitchen Cleaning Hacks You Definitely Need To Try Out

There are a lot of cleaning hacks out there, which work well in your home. But the ones that you will always find useful have to do with the kitchen, simply because it is a room in need of a lot of attention. Because you spend some time in the kitchen every single day, it pays to be prepared to clean the surfaces and appliances with ease, getting them ready for another cooking spree or a big family gathering.

In this guide, we share some of the best kitchen cleaning hacks that you can come across: 

Address the oven mess with a dishwasher tablets

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Dishwasher tablets are so great for what they do, but there are some more creative uses of them you may have not considered before. Turns out you can dissolve a tablet in water and then use that to wipe baked-on food on the oven door and interior. Works like a charm. 

Clean the faucet head with vinegar

If the water in your area is hard, you will soon encounter the clogged faucet problem. One way to fix it with ease is vinegar. Fill a plastic bag with it and tie it around the faucet for the night. When you later rinse it, it will as good as new. 

Steam clean the area

Even though you may only be using your steamer to de-wrinkle clothes, you should know that it makes for a worthy kitchen cleaning ally. It can help you with sanitising stovetops, the oven interior and much more. 

Place a cotton ball in the trash bin

Well, there is no denying the fact that garbage is a smelly thing. However, you can manage it somewhat with a cotton ball soaked in essential oil. Drop one in the bin and it will effectively fight off the unpleasant odours within the area. 

Employ the laundry basket method for clutter

If there is always clutter accumulating in the kitchen, you could get a laundry basket. It will allow you to consolidate things in one place. The next time you have guests coming, you could simply remove the clutter in the basket, stash it away, and then get back to it when you have more time to put things where they belong. 

Use flour on the stainless steel sink

Kitchen Cleaning HacksStainless steel sinks are a classic among homeowners. One of the best ways to polish it is with flour. Wash and dry the area first, then sprinkle flour all over. Buff with a soft cloth and behold just how clean the sink is. 

Use chalk

No, you won’t be needing that to draw in the kitchen. Chalk is very absorbent, making it a great solution against stains. If you have soiled a garment or some fabric, while cooking, you can cover the area with chalk. Apply a little stain remover before you launder said item. This kitchen cleaning hack will help your appliances come out as new. 

Use the dishwasher for drying purposes

If you have no space for a dish rack, you can simply use your dishwasher. Place hand-washed dishes on the empty racks there. There is more space there anyway. 

Make your own scouring pad

You can make your own effective scouring pad from a mesh bag you get produce in. Get an old sponge into one of them and secure it tightly. That way you make yourself a nice scrubber. 

Without a doubt, all of these kitchen cleaning hacks can revolutionise the way you clean in the kitchen. Don’t hesitate to employ them and see just how effective they are. 

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