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7 must-have cleaning items you shouldn’t do without
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7 must-have cleaning items you shouldn’t do without

Must Have Cleaning Items

Home cleaning is pretty much impossible without the aid of specific tools and accessories. A lot of them are no-brainers really, as without them you cannot do the cleaning task itself. However, many tools are only extra in your quest to clean the space and can be substituted for more effective counterparts. Taking the time to arm yourself with this gear will not just cut your cleaning time, but also improve the outcome of your efforts.

Take note:

  • Broom and a dustpan – these two are most commonly used together, and they are a must-have in every home. You can dust various areas with it, including windows, fans, doors, walls and most notably floors. It is the ideal combination of tools to have to deal with an area full of debris.
  • Spray bottles – if you are into brewing your home cleaning solutions, then you need to have some spray bottles around. You will use them to mix your ingredients. They are quite convenient, as you can create your solution, mix it well and then use it directly on some surface.
  • Microfibre cloth – one of the best materials to use for wiping and cleaning of various surfaces is a microfibre cloth. Not only is it soft enough for you to use without fear of scratching anything, but it is also highly absorbent. Use it not just to clean stains and sanitise various areas around your rooms, but also to take care of dust. It is best to use several cloths in different colours for various rooms and areas of your home.
  • Gloves – gloves are not used directly to clean your home, but they keep your hands safe when you are in the process of cleaning. The skin on your hands is sensitive and frequent work with chemicals can cause some damage to it. To avoid rashes, itchy and scaly skin, be sure to don some gloves for protection before starting a home cleaning session.Vacuum Cleaner
  • Toothbrush – apart from brushing your teeth, this tool can be used in a wide range of other cleaning tasks. All the hard-to-reach areas of your home are no problem for a small toothbrush. It is the best tool for cleaning grout lines, as well as around faucets and other similar areas. Keep a few toothbrushes around, as you will need them.
  • Vacuum cleaner – there is no way to look after your carpet without a decent vacuum cleaner. There are plenty of models and types out there, so you can choose one that best fits your needs. It is important to select one that is powerful enough to take care of the job.
  • Cleaning caddy – if you wish to cut your cleaning time, you should have a cleaning caddy. Transporting all of the cleaning solutions and tools from one room to another with you is not going to be a problem anymore.

Now that you know what tools you need to address your home cleaning needs, you best make sure you acquire them. They can make quite the difference.

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