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6 DIY green cleaning solutions to try out at home
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6 DIY green cleaning solutions to try out at home

Green Cleaning Solutions

It is true that you can always pay a visit to the store and get yourself a few commercial cleaning solutions. Do you always want to do this, however? After all, a considerable portion of these contain harmful ingredients that can affect human health.

What you can do is turn to green cleaning products for the best results in your cleaning efforts. There is zero doubt that there are many recipes that work wonders. Not only are they super effective at removing stains or assisting your overall cleaning routine, but are also all-natural and 100% harmless to human health.

Feel free to adopt the following:

  • Oven Eco Cleaning TipsOven cleaning – there are a few ways to deal with oven cleaning in an eco-friendly manner. One is to use baking soda with water to form a paste-like compound. Spread it all over the interior of the oven and leave it there overnight. That is enough time for the solution to do its job and soften the accumulated gunk in the oven. Wiping that will be a breeze. Another way to clean the oven features lemon. Squeeze two lemons into a bowl of water and leave it inside the oven. When you finish cooking, leave the bowl inside as the oven cools off. The vapours should soften the accumulated grease and make it easy to clean.
  • Cabinet cleaner – if the cupboards of your kitchen are looking rather dingy, you should not despair. Mix a cup of white vinegar and a cup of warm water, along with ¼ cup of baking soda. Grab a sponge and apply to the soiled areas. Wipe up with the excess mess and buff with a damp cloth.
  • Toilet cleaner – cleaning the toilet requires powerful solutions. One such consists of a third of a cup lemon juice and two-thirds borax. Mix these to form a paste and apply it on the toilet bowl with a sponge. Leave the solution on for 30 minutes and then flush the toilet.
  • Wall cleaner – scuff marks on the walls in the hallway are certainly no fun. You have to be careful not to harm the paint job. To achieve a decent result, you should mix half a cup borax, 1 tablespoon household ammonia, quarter cup of vinegar and water. Working your way from top to bottom, sponge any dingy marks. Finish by using a sponge to rinse with water.
  • Furniture polish – if you are looking for a solution to make almost in an instant, then this is a suitable way to do it. Grab a quarter cup of linseed oil, 1/8 cup vinegar and 1/8 cup of whiskey. Mix these in a spray bottle. Spritz on the surface and clean with a soft microfibre cloth.
  • Disinfectant – there is no more need to rely on a chemical spray. Mix zest of orange and 3 cups of white vinegar in some container. Clear out the zest and strain a single cup of this liquid into a spray bottle. Fill it with water and use on soiled surfaces.

Evidently, there are quite a lot of cleaning solutions you can use to clean at home. It is up to you to adopt these recipes in your efforts.

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